Established in 2010, Nfinity Games is made of a well
balanced team of highly experienced technical and
managerial staff and enthusiastic young local talents.
Being both young and experienced is one of our main driving
forces that will carry us to the future.

Nfinity Games is the first local publishing company with locally hosted servers dedicated to the Turkish gamers only.

We pride ourselves in being able to service games to the our users with an added value from Nfinity Games, enhancing the perception of
the game with our custom localization of contents, friendly but professional support and well received “Grow Together” policies with our distribution network.


A game culture accepted by the general population, and shedding the image of a closed hardcore sub culture…
The heart of gaming of Eastern Mediterranean…

This is what we imagine Turkey will become and we will be the leading the path of it becoming reality.


Point Blank was the perfect choice to penetrate the market and we have already established a brand recognition among our growing network of local distributors and players.

As Nfinity Games we intend to spread our reach by adding more games under our brand and grow in to ’the’ online gaming and entertainment portal of Turkey.
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